Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Silly Band Update

Bridget likes to organize her silly bands by color. She also likes to make sure everybody knows they're her silly bands!!

Bradley, on the other hand, never takes them off. So he always knows where they are!!

Kathleen is always "I want silly bands...I want silly bands!" but she gets them, then can't find them!!

Daddy & Baby

She looks more like her father everyday. They look so sweet when they're asleep. You wouldn't think they're a handful when they're awake.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kid's Corner

Had a fun weekend. Got an awesome new ring. She's ready for the beach!

Is 'silly band' crazy. Bought more 'silly bands'. Who would've thought that silicone bands shaped like animals would be so popular. Anyway he loves his bands...had a fun 4th of July...loved the ready for more 'silly bands'!!!

Loves fireworks and 'silly bands'. her brother has rubbed off on her already. She had an awesome 4th of July and is ready to go to bed after a long day.

Pickens fireworks display...we had an awesome spot!

4th of July Face-painting

Swimming Time!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kid's Corner

Loves her new haircut. It's so cute and short. She loves riding her tricycle...and it will grow with her for several years to come. The way she tells me she loves me melts my heart.

Is a swimming fool this summer. He loves his summer camp (he gets to swim every day!). One day Josh forgot his suntan lotion and he's a nice crispy red (not that bad...and recovering nicely).

Has a matching haircut to her sister. They are cute together. She is also loving her summer academy right now. She is super excited for July 1st weekend when "The Last Airbender" comes out...she's bugging me to see it ASAP!

Me and the!
Ready for the POOL!!! YEA!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bridget loves her new tricycle!